HMS Services and Capabilities

Lab Pack

Lab packs are allowed by DOT to package compatible hazardous wastes of the same hazard class into a UN specification container and use a generic shipping name to characterize the hazard.  Our experienced personnel and proprietary software provide fast and efficient packaging with accurate paperwork.  Additional technical info is available by clicking Lab Pack Guidelines.

Our onsite management team will arrange your hazardous waste storage area into compatible sections for safe accumulation of your lab reagent or process wastes.  Secondary containment trays are available for isolating incompatible materials.  Shelve labels are available by clicking Waste Storage Shelve Labels.

Upload your chemical inventory for a free estimate on your disposal.  Click here.

COMING SOON, upload your chemical inventory for segregated lab pack inventory lists, Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, LDR and EPA Waste Labels that you can print up and use to package your own wastes.  We can arrange pick-up and transport of your packaged hazardous wastes to anywhere in the country.